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About Us

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can uplift a child and forge a brighter future.

Eagles of Change is a grassroots, non-governmental organization dedicated to serving underserved communities in Zambia. Established in 2018 and officially registered with the Ministry of Community Development under the NGO Act No. 16(2009) with registration number 101/0898/2018, we are driven by a vision of positive transformation.

Our journey began with a deep concern for the rising rates of substance abuse among youth in Lusaka’s Jack Compound. Recognizing the potential for collective action, we united to create Eagles of Change. Since then, our impact has expanded significantly. We now operate in multiple low-income communities of Lusaka, engaging volunteers and fostering meaningful partnerships both locally and globally.

Our Programs

Our programs strategically target four key areas: education, social connection, skill development, and accessibility. Through collaborative partnerships with both local and international organizations, we deliver impactful projects that make a difference in our communities.

Substance Abuse Sensitization

Eagles of Change leads the way in substance abuse prevention across communities and schools in Lusaka. Our pioneering program focuses on prevention and education, employing a multifaceted approach that includes community outreach in schools and churches, seminars, drama and film shows, sports, recreation, as well as counseling and psychosocial support.

We are poised to advocate for transformative change within local governance, aiming to influence policies such as increased taxes on alcohol products and reductions in the number and density of alcohol outlets, their locations, operating days, and hours. Our goal is to mitigate the harm caused by underage alcohol consumption.

Central to our efforts are the Anti-Drug Abuse Clubs established in primary and secondary schools. These clubs serve as platforms for educating students about substance abuse risks, addiction facts, prevention strategies, and pathways to recovery.

Livelihood Skills Empowerment

Amidst Zambia’s considerable unemployment rates and limited formal sector job openings, equipping young people with vocational skills and entrepreneurship training is paramount. These skills not only empower them to start and grow their businesses but also enable them to navigate and succeed in a fiercely competitive job landscape.

Aligned with our strategic vision, we are committed to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in poverty reduction. By providing vocational skills and training, we enhance the livelihood prospects of youth, fostering economic empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Sports and recreational activities are catalysts for community cohesion, promoting active participation and skill development. Our program plays a vital role in mitigating the risk of children and youth engaging in harmful behaviors such as substance abuse, mental health challenges, premature marriages, and teenage pregnancies.

These activities serve as platforms for young individuals to explore their capabilities and aspirations, fostering a sense of purpose. At Eagles of Change, we emphasize that transformative change starts with a shift in mindset. We link identified talents with mentors and capacity-building initiatives, empowering youth to refine their abilities and reach their full potential.


Skills Development Through Sports & Recreation

Mental Health Education

This program is dedicated to raising awareness about the causes and prevention of mental health challenges like depression and anxiety, while also combatting the stigma surrounding mental illness in Zambia. We foster open and candid conversations about mental health, advocating for acceptance and support within families, communities, and workplaces for individuals undergoing treatment.


Child Sponsorship

Our Child Sponsorship Program aims to offer education opportunities to vulnerable children aged 6-24. Currently, our efforts target our our partners at John-Howard Community School in Lusaka District, Zambia. We understand that children and youth without access to education are more susceptible to engaging in risky behaviors like substance abuse and unsafe sexual practices. The combination of idleness and desperation poses significant dangers, which we are committed to mitigating.

Through partnerships with our local community allies, we identify and assess children in need, providing them access to schooling through the generous support of our donors and sponsors. Our program works to deliver not only quality education, but also essential supplies such as uniforms and school materials, empowering children to break the cycles of poverty for themselves and their families.


Our Core Values

Mutual Respect and Professionalism

We believe in creating an environment where individuals are valued for who they are.

Gender Inclusiveness

We appreciate diversity, equality, equity, and dignity for all. We take deliberate steps to ensure that marginalized children are not excluded and are supported to actively engage with their peers.

Ethics, Equity and Justice

We strive to ensure all our actions, processes, and consequences are morally right and equitable for all.


At Eagles of Change, we deeply value unity, teamwork, and collaboration. We can’t succeed on our own- we are grateful for all our partnerships and volunteers.


We relate to one another, including the children attending our programs, with love, compassion, and sensitivity to people’s unique experiences.


Our programs are open to all children and youth who wish to participate.

Accountability and Transparency

We pride ourselves in being transparent and accountable to ourselves, our community, and our supporters. We ensure all our stakeholders are regularly updated according to their preferences.

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