Who We Are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can raise a child and create a better future for them.

Eagles of Change is a community-based, non-governmental organization which targets underserved areas of Zambia. The organization was established and registered in 2018 with the Ministry of Community Development. Registration number 101/0898/2018 under the NGO Act, No.16(2009) of the Laws of Zambia.

Eagles of Change came to fruition out of concern by the founders who recognized a high prevalence of substance abuse among young people in Jack Compound of Lusaka. We knew positive change in our communities was possible if we worked together. Since 2018, Eagles of Change has grown, extending our operations to other low-income communities in Lusaka, taking on volunteers, and securing new partnerships- both locally and internationally.

Thus far, Eagles of change has established Anti-Drug Abuse Clubs in 9 schools (both private and public), manages 10 volunteers, and has 106 children (86 boys and 20 girls) enrolled into its programs.

Eagles of Change collaborates with government efforts in the fight against substance abuse, mental health advocacy, as well as supporting vulnerable children with accessing education opportunities, while empowering them with survival skills.

Our strategic vision is to be a leading community-based nonprofit that prioritizes the well-being of children in our communities, by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to overcome pressures to engage in risk behaviors.

Our Core Values

Mutual Respect and Professionalism

We believe in creating an environment where individuals are valued for who they are.


We relate to one another, including the children attending our programs, with love, compassion, and sensitivity to people’s unique experiences.

Gender Inclusiveness

We appreciate diversity, equality, equity, and dignity for all. We take deliberate steps to ensure that marginalized children are not excluded and are supported to actively engage with their peers.


Our programs are open to all children and youth who wish to participate.

Ethics, Equity and Justice

We strive to ensure all our actions, processes, and consequences are morally right and equitable for all.

Accountability and Transparency

We pride ourselves in being transparent and accountable to ourselves, our community, and our supporters. We ensure all our stakeholders are regularly updated according to their preferences.


At Eagles of Change, we deeply value unity, teamwork, and collaboration. We can’t succeed on our own- we are grateful for all our partnerships and volunteers.

Meet The Team

Donald Musonda
Director &
Robson Chalwa
Programs Manager & Co-Founder
Moses Zulu
M&E Coordinator & Co-Founder
Robert Simooya
Accounts Officer
Meagan Dutka
Communications Coordinator & Resource Mobilisation Officer
Lucky Ndila
Community Outreach Coordinator
Margaret Likonge
Child Education Sponsorship Coordinator

Our Programs

Our programs center around four strategic areas of focus, which we seek to deliver through a variety of projects in partnership with other organizations, both local and international.

Substance Abuse Sensitization

Eagles of change is a pioneer NGO in substance abuse prevention within communities and schools in Lusaka. This program focuses on prevention and education, strategizing through community outreach in schools and churches, seminars, drama and film shows, sports and recreation, as well as counselling and psychosocial supports.

The organization is soon to start advocating for change within the local government, including lobbying for increased taxes on alcohol products, as well as reducing the number and density of alcohol outlets, locations, days, and hours of opening. Our objective is to reduce the harm caused by alcohol sold to minors.

Through this program, Eagles of Change has implemented Anti-Drug Abuse Clubs in primary and secondary schools. Through these clubs, we are given the opportunity to educate students on the dangers of substance abuse, as well as facts about addiction, prevention, and recovery.

Mental Health Promotion

This program aims to promote awareness on the causes and prevention of mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety, and to help to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness n Zambia. We encourage open and honest dialogue about mental health, and advocate for families to accept treated patients back into their community and their workplace.

Livelihood Skills Empowerment

Given the high levels of unemployment in Zambia and the lack of formal sector employment opportunities, vocational skills and entrepreneurship training are crucial in order to aid young people in starting and developing their own businesses, and in securing employment amidst an extremely competitive job market.

Part of our strategic plan is to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in the area of poverty reduction. Offering vocation skills and training helps to improve livelihood chances for youth.

Child Education Sponsorship

This program aims to provide vulnerable children between the ages of 6-24 years with access to education at John-Howard Community School in Lusaka District of Zambia. At Eagles of Change, we recognize that children and youth who cannot access education are at a greater risk of engaging in unsafe and illicit behaviors, such as substance abuse and unsafe sex practices. Idleness and desperation are a dangerous combination for youth, and we are determined to reduce the number of young people facing these realities.

We provide children, identified and assessed by our local community partners, with the opportunity to go to school through our well-wishers and sponsorship donations. By providing not only quality education, but also uniforms and other school materials, the program enables children to attend school and provides an opportunity to break the cycles of poverty for themselves and their families.

Skills Development Through Sports & Recreation

Sports and recreational activities foster a sense of community and encourage engagement and skill-building. This program helps to reduce the risk of children and youth engaging in harmful and risky behaviours that may lead to substance abuse, poor mental health, early marriages, and teenage pregnancies. The program also helps young people to discover their potential and purpose in life by identifying, developing, and exposing their talents. At Eagles of change we strongly believe that positive change begins with the transformation of one’s mindset; therefore, we connect identified talents to mentors and capacity building opportunities for them to sharpen their skills.

Tell Your Story

The “Tell your Story” program aims at addressing both mental health and substance abuse. Through this program, the organization identifies experts or people with lived experiences related to substance abuse, to share their knowledge and experience with addiction. Hearing the stories of others can provide insight, inspiration and encouragement to those who are battling addiction. The organization recognizes that it is necessary to target the underlying root causes of substance abuse, such as stress, unemployment, peer pressure, depression, and poverty.

The “Tell Your Story” program is implemented in three ways: 1) The organization identifies relevant individuals, interviews them, and later uploads the interview to social media platforms for people to view.

2) Eagles of Change invites experts or recovered substance abusers to the organization and a platform is created where young people can interact with the selected individuals, and ask questions on how to deal with addiction.

3) Lastly, Eagles of Change hopes to establish a television program titled “Tell Your Story,” where hosts and interviewees can discuss addiction, prevention, and recovery.


Eagles of Change is proudly supported by the Drug Enforcement Commission of Zambia, the National Organization for Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR), and the University of Alabama.