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Aspiring for a Drug Abuse-Free Society.

Our Impact

We have worked towards improving the lives of over 2,500 young people through direct practice.

Eagles of Change is dedicated to empowering the lives of young people from all walks of life. Disadvantaged youth highlight the areas of society that are broken. As such, we strive to support young people in all possible ways to regain hope and to build the lives that they aspire for.

Current Funded Projects

Thanks to our partners, we are able to plan and implement compelling projects that support positive change in the lives of many young Zambians.

Substance Abuse Research

Eagles of Change is currently conducting a 6-month long research project where we will be establishing the extent of substance abuse amongst youth in the Chawama and Kabwata Townships of Lusaka, Zambia. The project has been generously funded and led by Dr. Mercy Mumba from the University of Alabama

GOAL Project in Partnership with NOWSPAR

For the second consecutive year, the National Organization for Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) and Eagles of Change have partnered up for the months of March-September 2023. During this time, we aim to empower 500 adolescents girls between the ages of 12 to 24 in Chawama and Kabwata constituencies of Lusaka by teaching them life skills on leadership, communication, and financial literacy.

Latest News

  • Livingstone Mission
    Date: May 15-18th, 2023 In May, Eagles of Change partnered with the University of Alabama for a medical mission inLivingstone. Our objective was to provide vital medical assistance to communities in andaround Linda Primary School and Nakatindi Primary and Secondary School. Eagles of Changeconducted informative sessions on drug abuse awareness and menstrual hygiene management forthe …

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  • MOU Signed with Community Schools
    Date: May 2, 2023 Eagles of Change is Proud to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cobet Community School and John Howard Community School in Chawama to collaborate on a groundbreaking project aimed at promoting drug prevention and skills development for young girls through netball and football.We believe that sports have …

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  • BUSA Tournament in Bauleni Compound
    Date: April 15, 2023 Eagles of Change visited Bauleni Compound where we conducted drug abuse awareness programming for 214 boys and girls. Drug abuse in sports is a growing, ongoing problem in Zambia. While the stereotypical drug abuser may not seem like a high-profile athlete, drug use among athletes is common. Many famous athletes in …

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Eagles of Change is proudly supported by the Drug Enforcement Commission of Zambia, the National Organization for Women in Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR), and the University of Alabama.

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