Want to Support a Child’s Education?

You can play a role in changing a child’s life by helping to keep him or her in school, starting at as little as $35.00 USD. The following list provides the cost (USD) to sponsor one child for one full year:

$35: Purchase school shoes
$30: Purchase a school uniform
$50: Provide essential books and supplies
$75: Provide schools fees for 1 year of Primary School
$80: Provide school fees for 1 year of Junior School
$180: Cover all educational costs for one year

To sponsor a child or to donate generally to our Child Education Sponsorship program, please visit our GoFundMe page linked below. If you are interested in supporting a specific child, please send us an email at eaglesofchange@gmail.com indicating both your name, the amount you have donated, and the child you would like to sponsor. This will allow us access to your email address so that we can send you updates on and photos of the child you are supporting in future.

Thank you for your support!