BUSA Tournament in Bauleni Compound

Date: April 15, 2023

Eagles of Change visited Bauleni Compound where we conducted drug abuse awareness programming for 214 boys and girls.

Drug abuse in sports is a growing, ongoing problem in Zambia. While the stereotypical drug abuser may not seem like a high-profile athlete, drug use among athletes is common. Many famous athletes in nearly every sport have fought public battles with different types of substance abuse disorders. Addiction affects both men and women of all ages and nationalities. It affects professionals, students, and athletes alike. Addiction does not discriminate.

In an effort to steer our young people in a positive direction and away from substance abuse, Eagles of Change partnered with Bauleni United Sports Academy (BUSA) during their 2023 Annual Skjeberg Football & Educational Tournament and provided substance abuse sensitization to 40 participating teams.

Thanks to BUSA for partnering with Eagles of Change to help make our #communities healthier, safer, and free from substance abuse.

We are #EaglesofChange: Aspiring for a drug abuse free society.

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